About Us

Graeme Cole with over thirty years of experience in this field is qualified to provide advice on your motorcycle and provide the service you require.  Our main consultant Graeme will provide excellent service and advice on the best choice for your needs and, of course, tailored to your budget. We work only with certified brands that allows us to provide our customers with quality products.

Graeme and Rosanna are often seen around the Classic Racing scene along with the Red devil racing Team which started out with Graeme building a Triumph 3TA and the following year building one for his son Nick Cole. There is now 15 of these little Red Devils. Graeme also runs a Modern Team where you can follow his son Nick on a Kawasaki Superbike competing both here in NZ and overseas.Graeme also has on the modern team Austrian rider Horst Saiger  who comes here to NZ for the Tri Series during the month of December. Graeme gets the job of setting the bike up and spannering throughout the race season. 

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